TRIRON MPPT Solar Charge Controller 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 Amps

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MPPT Charge Controller.

  • Lead Acid and Lithium Battery Compatible.
  • Dual USB Charging Ports.
  • Remote monitoring and control options using MT50 display, PC and Mobile Phone.

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TRIRON MPPT N Series controller with ultra-fast tracking speed and high tracking efficiency greater than 99.5%.

TRIRON N Series improve energy utilisation by 10% – 30% compared to PWM charging method. Peak DC/DC conversion efficiency of 98%.

Compatible with Lead-Acid and Lithium Batteries. Temperature compensation for lead-acid batteries with optional sensor.

Load timer settings can be configured with Controller, Windows PC Software or Android App.

Dual USB ports for device charging (5V DC/2.2 Amp).

Wide operating temperature range -25°C ~ +55°C, suitable for Solar systems in Marine, RV, Home, Communication Base Stations, Street Lighting, and Field Monitoring equipment.

Usage & Connection Options:

Control and Monitoring Options:

Inbuilt LCD Display. Adjust parameters, control and monitor controller using remote MT50, PC or Android App. Software download required.

Optional Communication Cable (USB to RS485) required for PC connection.  OTG – USB Adapter required for Mobile Phone.

Electrical Specification:

ParameterTRIRON 1206N (10 Amp)TRIRON 2206N (20 Amp)TRIRON 3210N (30 Amp)TRIRON 4210N (40 Amp)
Nominal System Voltage12 / 24 V DC Auto Detect
Rated Charge & Discharge Current10A20A30A40A
Battery Voltage Range8V ~ 32V
Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage60V (-25°C), 46V (+55°C)100V (-25°C), 92V (+55°C)
MPP Voltage Range(Battery voltage +2V) ~ 36V(Battery voltage +2V) ~ 72V
Max. PV Input Power390W (12V), 780W (24V)780W (12V), 1560W (24V)1170W (12V), 2340W (24V)1560W (12V), 3120W (24V)
Battery TypeLead Acid (Gel / Sealed / Flooded / User Set),
Lithium (LiFePO4 / Li-NiCoMn / User Set)
Temperature Compensation Coefficient-3mV/℃, 2V (Default), Lead Acid Only
GroundingCommon Negative
USB InterfaceDual Port, 5VDC / 2.2A (Total)
RS485 Interface5VDC / 100mA
Self Consumption≤14mA (12V);≤15mA (24V)


Environment Specification:

Operating Temperature Range-25°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature Range-20℃ ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity≤95%, N.C


Physical Characteristics:

ParameterTRIRON 1206N (10 Amp)TRIRON 2206N (20 Amp)TRIRON 3210N (30 Amp)TRIRON 4210N (40 Amp)
Mounting Dimension126×150mm141×170mm158×200mm174×220mm
Terminal12AWG(4mm )6AWG(16mm )6AWG(16mm )6AWG(16mm )
Recommended Cable12AWG(4mm )10AWG(6mm )8AWG(10mm )6AWG(16mm )


Full Protection Functions:

PV Over Current, PV Short Circuit, Lithium Battery low temperature, Night Reverse charging, Battery & PV reverse polarity, Battery over discharge, Battery over heat, Battery over voltage, Load Short Circuit, Load Overload, and Controller overheating.


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